Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Trappey's Red Devil -- Hot Pepper Sauce Review #3

Now for Trappey’s Red Devil, we see these ingredients:

Distilled Vinegar
Red Cayenne Pepper
Guar Gum
Xanthan Gum
Ascorbic Acid

Trappey’s is brighter red in the bottle, must be that ascorbic acid (Trappey’s says to preserve freshness) and It looks thicker and more viscous, probably from those gum suspender-thickeners. Hmmm … is that necessary?

nose notes a Lemony Vinegar first, and then a small amount of Aged Pepper and Brine, somewhat milder than for the Crystal, but similar.

tongue says Lemony-Salty first of all and then a little Aged Pepper and some small Heat, along with a thicker texture to the sauce. Not a lot of Pepper or Aged Pepper.

Once again
the main effect on food will be to add a good dose of lemony sourness and some salt, but with minimal pepper flavor and heat.

You know, in many places in the South, where we used to travel on business, and where these sauces originated and are popular, restaurant goers are asked, "You want some Vinegar Sauce with that?"

Next time we'll look at Frank's Red Hot.

Yours in heat and flavor,


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