Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Why a Fresh Hot Sauce Blog?

SR Fresh Hot Sauce
Because it's about Fresh Hot Pepper Sauce, not just Hot Pepper Sauce. There are lots of Hot Sauces out there, and lots of Hot Sauce Blogs, too. I know -- I've tried them and I've been to the blogs.

They're all about Hot Sauces made primarily with vinegar. They are not Fresh. They are pickled or cooked or salted or preserved to stay on supermarket shelves. But not to taste good. Well, that's my opinion anyway.

So I make my own Hot Sauces from Fresh Peppers -- Hot Sauces with a VERY small amount of Vinegar and Sea Salt, so little that these sauces taste like ... Fresh Peppers. Cool, huh?

Most Exotic (non-supermarket) Hot Sauces are about HEAT, and weird flavors, and who can stand the hottest pepper sauce, made from red savinia habaneros, or datils, or Naga Jolokia (Ghost Pepper). Yes, these peppers have their own individual flavors, but, for me, Hot Pepper Sauces should be about balance and the food they go with, not about Scoville units for measuring tongue burning power.

I like a good cayenne pepper sauce with steak and burgers; I like my habanero based sauce with eggs, and fish, and more delicately flavored foods. That is the point, after all, FOOD. Hot Pepper Sauce has to go well with food.

Now I have a wonderful tool that allows me to do something special with a Hot Sauce.

It is ... are you ready? ... my REFRIGERATOR! Hooray!

With this tool I can keep a Hot Sauce, without spoiling, indefinitely.

And I do not have to add a whole lot of vinegar and salt.

And I get to have a Fresh Hot Sauce.

What do I mean by a Fresh Hot Sauce?

I mean, a non-aged, non-fermented sauce, that is made from fresh ingredients, and only minimally stabilized to allow cold storage. About the same as adding a vinaigrette to a salad.

What I do not mean, is a sauce made from peppers stored in a barrel with salt and vinegar for 3 years, or made from dried peppers or spices, or something like that. For me that's old and dead.

I want something that tastes like fresh food, young and, well, alive, or close to it.

We know what Fresh Peppers taste like, and Fresh Garlic, and Fresh Onions, and, sadly, that is not what commercial, vinegar-based, or cooked, hot sauces taste like.

That Fresh Pepper flavor is what I want. I want it in my food, in my short rib stew, in my bloody mary, in my scrambled eggs, on my catfish and ... you get the idea.

I do not want to add hot vinegar to my food, or dried spices, either. I want to wake it up! With Fresh Pepper Flavor.

So I made my own Hot Pepper Sauces from Fresh Hot Peppers, with a VERY small amount of Vinegar and Sea Salt, and they taste like Fresh Peppers.

Cool, huh? Actually -- refrigerated!

So I will be talking in this blog about the two Hot Pepper Sauces I currently make,

SR Fresh Cayenne-Cherry Pepper Classic Red Pepper Sauce


SR Fresh Habanero Gold Pepper Sauce

and about the foods they go with. And I will talk about other Hot Pepper Sauces out there that I like, and that I do not like (no names -- I want to be nice!), as well as the larger world of food and flavor. I expect to Review some of the Hot Pepper Sauces also, and then, of course I will name names, but Nicely!

I fully admit to having a CONFLICT OF INTEREST in that I make and sell some Hot Pepper Sauces, and that I will talk about other people's products. I will be nice, respectful, and ... I will try to be ... honest!

In the next few posts, I want to talk some more about, and review supermarket Hot Sauces, and also talk about balance in Hot Sauce flavors.

Stay tuned!


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  1. Congratulations, Teddy! This looks wonderful and I look forward to learning all about Fresh Hot Sauces.

  2. The oils do not bother my skin at all, but I have felt the burn in the eye on occasion, and it isn't pleasant.


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