Thursday, July 1, 2010

SR Fresh Hot Sauce -- Heat with Intensity of Fresh Flavor!

As I have mentioned before, I make Hot Pepper Sauces myself, and for those who would like to check them out I now have an ecommerce site that explains the Hot Sauces and sells them. Check out the SR Fresh Hot Sauce website.

I have talked a bit about these sauces elsewhere in this blog, and I certainly recommend you take a look at those articles, but I do want to say that in the Hot Sauces I make, I have tried to address the lack of Real Pepper Flavor in most (all other???) commercial hot sauces.

Oh, a lot of them taste good and I like them, and they do get some flavor from Hot Peppers, as well as Heat of course, but they don't have the Real Fresh Flavor of the Habanero, Cayenne, Jalapeno, or Fresno or other Peppers I use in making the sauce.

These sauces are a pain to make. They are mostly Fresh and Blended Juice that has been allowed to settle and the micro-particles of Pepper saturate for a couple of months while kept under refrigeration.

During that time, what becomes the actual sauce forms a concentrated layer at the bottom, of micro-solids and juice, underneath a clear and much less flavorful layer which is not used. So the process is inefficient and expensive as well.

And the sauce has to be kept cold, too.

But It's Worth It!

So this Hot Sauce is fairly expensive, too, by commercial Hot Sauce standards. After all it's not mostly distilled vinegar. It's Fresh Pepper and other Fresh Juices that have been concentrated for flavor, and which are much more expensive than vinegar.

So the proof is in the pudding ... no, it's in the Hot Sauce!

I invite you to give them a try.

Yours in Heat and Flavor,


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